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Bosphorus Tour

Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, connecting Asia and Europe, really The first plan that anyone who wants to explore and witness its beauty should definitely do, to join the Bosphorus tour. One of the tours you like among tours of different concepts and durations Choose one and immerse yourself in the fascinating atmosphere of the Bosphorus, the subject of songs and poems. leave. History, architecture and art in the lap of a magnificent nature, like elegant paintings You will love it unfolding before your eyes. Bosphorus tour, activities in Istanbul is the list top vacation plan.

The dazzling mansions of Ottoman architecture, historical places and modern architecture Thanks to the Bosphorus tour, where you will see examples, you will also have a look at Istanbul from the sea. Being in a boat sailing in the blue waters of Bosphorus, strait and magnificent watching the landscapes is one of the best things you can do in Istanbul.


Istanbul Strait is one of the most important straits in the world with its geopolitical location. The mega is installed on both sides of the strait where the waters of the Marmara and the Black Sea mix The city was built for centuries into the two great states of history, such as Istanbul, the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire. has been the capital throughout. Istanbul, the city of sultans with seven hills, connecting two continents The Bosphorus is what makes the most precious and special city . .

Bosphorus Tour Concepts

It is possible to participate in many Bosphorus tours in different concepts. According to your taste and budget, You can choose from these wide range of alternatives. Ferry, boat or yacht, Bosphorus tour tools you can do. If you wish, you can be included in the collective tours, if you wish, privately boat or yacht charter, Turkish & English guide or audio guide headset device You can go on a private Bosphorus tour.

There are also tour programs in different concepts for group tours. For example; short Bosphorus tour, long Bosphorus tour, breakfast Bosphorus tour, Fasil Bosphorus tour, Bosphorus tour with special dinner, party concept Bosphorus tour, like a Bosphorus tour with a stop at National Palaces ...

Assuming that you are on a Bosphorus tour departing from Eminönü, you will visit Anadolu Kavağı Topkapı Palace, Dolmabahçe, Yıldız, Çırağan, Beylerbeyi palaces; Ortaköy Mosque, Hidiv Pavilion, Esma Sultan Mansion, Fehime Sultan Mansion, Emine Famous mansions such as Valide Paşa Mansion, Count Ostrorog Mansion, Sait Halim Paşa Mansion and their history you will be able to see the venues closely and from the sea.

Tea Simit Bosphorus Tour in City Lines

Bosphorus tours with ferries belonging to Istanbul City Lines Management, affordable are tours. A Short and Long Bosphorus Tour is organized once a day. Also on certain dates There are also longer Bosphorus tours organized under the programmed Moonlight Tours. In front of the pier, buy two fresh bagels, one for yourself and one for seagulls. You can take the City Lines Bosphorus Tour ferry to go on a dream-like journey that will last. Fresh and brewed tea will reach your feet.

Kanlıca, with the City Lines Bosphorus Tour ferries from Eminönü, Beşiktaş and Üsküdar, A route to Sarıyer, Rumeli Kavağı and Anadolu Kavağı is followed.

Bosphorus Tour with Private Boats and Luxury Yachts

Bosphorus tour by boat is always a popular activity among our foreign guests has been. Itinerary on the Bosphorus tour on private boats with an English guide Great photos by listening to the architectural and historical information about the historical buildings and mansions on it they pull.

Eminönü offers many alternatives for the traditional Bosphorus tour during the day. Even though it is a more advantageous location in the care of Kabataş and Beşiktaş, you can find boats.

Bosphorus tour is also a great idea to discover the glittering beauty of the Bosphorus at night. For every taste You can choose the one that suits you among the entertainment concepts. Also for special occasions and celebrations Moonlight tours are very popular in recent years.

If you want to be alone with your family and friend groups, you can rent a boat or yacht, Enjoy the Bosphorus tour day or night in Istanbul with a Bosphorus tour that you choose. you can remove

Bosphorus tour prices

It is possible to find Bosphorus tours for every budget, the price range is quite wide.

Bosphorus tour route

The tour starts from Eminönü, Beşiktaş, Kabataş, Üsküdar, Kanlıca, Sarıyer, Rumeli Kavağı and After arriving at Anadolu Kavağı, on the way back Rumeli Kavağı, Sarıyer, Kanlıca, Üsküdar, Kabataş passes through Beşiktaş and returns to Eminönü.

Bosphorus tour times

City Lines; It organizes two voyages with 10.35 and 14.35 departures. You can visit the web pages for the tariffs of private Bosphorus tours. Information from piers You can take.

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