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The Egyptian Bazaar

The historical Spice Bazaar is one of the top tourist attractions in Istanbul. Domestic Apart from being one of the important stops for foreign tourists, it is also in Istanbul. It is one of the traditional and popular addresses for shopping. Visitors, spice From the Spice Bazaar, which takes you on a stroll through a colorful world where smells are mixed together suddenly know how important and good things are smells, colors and tastes. you will notice. Spice Bazaar is a very special place where we meet the smells and taste of life. is the place.

Eminonu Spice Bazaar

The construction of the New Mosque, which was started in 1597 but could not be completed, by Hatice Turhan Sultan in 1660 under the name of Yeni Çarşı in order to generate income for its construction. the historical bazaar built, Eminönü, which is still one of the important centers of trade, on the Golden Horn line, The first large closed area where merchants from all over the world market their goods and stay The bazaar is a caravanserai.

If you enter the bazaar from Eminönü by the Yeni Mosque, You can see the wishing pigeons. Here people who feed the birds and take off suddenly watching pigeons, taking their pictures; feeding and wishing pigeons, a It is a classic of Eminönü. In this small square between Yeni Mosque and Spice Bazaar You can hear the historical texture and heartbeat of Istanbul

The Egyptian Bazaar

The Spice Bazaar, previously known as Yeni Çarşı and Valide Bazaar, was named in English in the 18th century gets. According to a rumor, it was made with taxes collected from Egypt. For this reason, the commercial people It is known as the Spice Bazaar between. According to another legend, As the majority of the goods come from Egypt, it takes this name over time. Who visits the bazaar, Shoppers refer to the bazaar as the Spice Bazaar in their travel books. Thus, the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul becomes known as The Egyptian Bazaar all over the world..

History of the Spice Bazaar

From the shores of the Golden Horn, which was the center of maritime trade in Istanbul since Byzantium, Genoese and Venetian merchants bought and sold goods. In today's place of the Spice Bazaar It is known that it was once a big spice market. Harbors, inns, baths, Eminönü, full of caravanserais, until twenty years ago, still lived in Istanbul, We can say that it was the center of money and crowds of people.

Spice Bazaar, the first mosque built on this busy port and trade line, by the sea in Istanbul It is built as a part of the New Mosque Complex. Ever since the first day reaches the present day without losing it.

Architectural Features of the Spice Bazaar

Architecturally, Egypt is built on the L plan scheme and consists of two arms, one of which is longer. Bazaar is a double bazaar built in the classical Ottoman style. The point where two bazaars meet The square of the bazaar is the Prayer Square. On the longer arm to the west 46 shops on each other, 36 on the short arm to the east There is a shop. Mezzanines covered with a dome on the upper floors of these shops is found.

The big entrance gates of the two bazaars in the east and west directions, the main entrance of the Spice Bazaar are the doors. Apart from these double-winged main entrance doors with six porches, two large doors and two small There are more doors: Eminönü gate, Yeni Mosque gate, Flower Market gate, Balıkpazarı The Gate of Ketenciler, Garden Gate are the gates of Istanbul's oldest covered bazaar.

Where is Spice Bazaar?

The Spice Bazaar is right behind the New Mosque in Eminönü, next to the Flower Market.

How to Get to Spice Bazaar?

You can reach the Spice Bazaar from Sultanahmet in 5 minutes by tram or on foot. you can go easily. Transportation to Eminonu and Spice Bazaar from all over Istanbul is very It is easy and fast. Public transportation by sea, road, subway and tram is alternatives. can be used.

Spice Bazaar or The Egyptian Bazaar?

entrance of the Spice Bazaar that says Spice Bazaar & Spice Bazaar 1597-1664. Especially in the 17th century, all the spices coming from India and Egypt It is known to be distributed to Europe. For this reason, the Spice Bazaar is the history of the The Egyptian Bazaar. is one of the names

What Time Is The Spice Bazaar Closing?

It is open between 08.00 and 19.30, 7 days a week, except October 29 and all religious holidays.

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