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Sultan Ahmet Mosque

The Sultanahmet Mosque, known as the Blue Mosque all over the world, Opposite Hagia Sophia, with 6 minarets at the height of 17th century Ottoman architecture As a work of art, it stands gracefully. Palace by Sultan Ahmet I To Sedefkar Mehmet Aga, the chief architect and the student of the great master Mimar Sinan Sultanahmet Mosque was built, the historical peninsula and Istanbul's favorite tourist attraction. one of the venues.

The mosque, which gives its name to the square where it was built, was built by the Ottoman sultans. It is one of the most famous selatin mosques. 7 cheeses on the 7 hills of the city One of its mosques is the Blue Mosque. Unlike the others, Sultan I. Ahmet did not use the spoils he obtained from the expedition in the construction of the mosque. Other mosques from the household, by wasting war ganks after the sultan returned from the campaign was being done. This tradition was built by Sultan Ahmet I built Sultanahmet. it breaks down, then it is abandoned .

Sultanahmet mosque history

Sultan Ahmet I, who had to ascend the throne at a young age, named himself and He was looking for a suitable place to build a mosque more magnificent than his ancestors. But all the hills of the city, with mosques already named after the sultans, is full. Mimar Sinan, the most beautiful hills and locations of the city. has kept space for his works.

Sultan Ahmet buys the pasha mansions in At Meyda, as it was called then. What is in place of today's mosque, including some buildings attached to the palace? what is destroyed. Sultan Ahmet, the construction of his masterpiece in front of Hagia Sophia orders .

From the foundation, with the sweat of the sultan, state officials, Ottoman soldiers On October 8, 1609, the construction of the Sultanahmet Mosque starts with the ceremony. Sacrifices are slaughtered and the poor are feasted on. Sultan Ahmet I personally dig the foundation and "Ahmet is the service of the servant, accept it." The rumor that he prayed Become.

Sultanahmet, which was opened for worship in the month of Ramadan and on the Night of Power on October 7, 1616 The mosque is opened with a great ceremony and feast, prayers and sacrifices. But construction is not yet completed. Completion of the dome on June 9, 1617 a great feast is held and the dome is locked. Five months have passed since this big day Sultan Ahmet I, the master of two of the most important mosques in the world, dies at the age of 28.

The Modest Architect of the Blue Mosque

The most important name of Ottoman architecture, the world-famous architect Mimar Sinan Architect Sedefkar, who passed through his equipment and is known to be one of his successful students Mehmet Ağa, before the Blue Mosque, such a big project Although he did not perform his architecture, he served as the chief architect of the palace. is doing. .

He has held many different government positions, at the Hasbahçe School of Architects has grown. Sedefkar Mehmet Ağa, who is also known for his interest in music, While establishing the acoustics of the Blue Mosque, this interest gave the best managed to use .

After the Blue Mosque, it will be able to rise above this magnificent building He did not build a work of the highest degree. Although he is the architect of this great work, Architect Sedefkar Mehmet Ağa preferred to be one of the artists whose name is not known much. may have had. Because, it is named after the inscription of the public fountain located on the first door of the outer courtyard. just added as a line .

Blue Mosque Architecture

The Blue Mosque, also famous for being the first Ottoman mosque with 6 minarets, and The complex was built with the architectural understanding of Mimar Sinan. Hünkar outside the mosque Such as Pavilion, Primary School, Madrasa, Muvakkithane, Kitchen, Darüşşifa It consists of sections.

Built on a four-leaf clover plan, the interior of the mosque is rectangular 2.662 square meters and the main dome is 43 meters high, 23.5 meters around. It is clear from these measurements that it is an engineering wonder. As a separate work of art, which causes him to rest as the Blue Mosque İznik and Kütahya tiles that are evaluated as Sultanahmet, Blue Mosque introduces to the world. The windows are placed in such a way that the dome is in a deep blue sky. hangs like hanging. The illumination of the mosque, thanks to the magnificence of the lighting Sedefkar Mehmet Ağa passes his master Mimar Sinan. Blue Mosque is the most spacious famous for being the brightest mosque.

Where is the Blue Mosque

Sultan Ahmet Mosque; to Fatih district of Istanbul within the borders of the historical peninsula It is in Sultanahmet Square, opposite the Hagia Sophia Mosque.

Blue Mosque How Many People

The Blue Mosque, where 12 thousand people can worship, in the summer, about 20 thousand people is visited by. In winter, this number drops by half.

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